Minimise secure document leaks

Are you guilty of bandying around sensitive business documents without thinking; what if they fell into the wrong hands?  Or have you ever made the mistake of sending a sensitive document to the wrong email address – I know I have!

Well here’s a strategy to help you minimise those document leaks through the creation of secure PDF documents and a little bit of email best practice.

Grab yourself a PDF creation utility, as you may have guessed by now, I’m quite partial to pdfFactory, however, many PDF conversion utilities can create secure PDFs.  For this example though I’ll use pdfFactory, you can pick up a pdfFactory trial version here (you’ll need to Pro version).

Print to PDF: Now once you’ve installed your PDF creation software, you should see a pdf Printer icon when you go to print your document, select it then click print.

print to pdf

Your PDF should now being showing in the pdfFactory preview window, click in the Security tab, check the “Do not allow users to – View document without this password” like so:

Save your PDF somewhere or click send to email it off.

Important: DON’T send the password with the email – that would defeat the purpose of this tutorial!

For high level of security, phone the recipient after you’ve sent the document and tell them the password.

For lower level of security, send the password in a separate email account.

That’s it!  A little piece of mind for you when sending sensitive information like financial reports.


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