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How to create PDFs for the iPhone

The iPhone’s screen size and resolution makes it less than ideal for viewing A4 or Letter sized PDF’s. If you’re wanting to take a PDF document with you to read on the road or just as a reference document to keep on your iPhone for convenience then it’s worth taking the time to optimise your PDF.

Given that the iPhone resolution is 320 x 360px with a resolution of 163ppi we need to optimise print settings before exporting our document to PDF. I’m tipping most people will view their document with the iphone orientated in landscape mode so we’ll base our document width on 360px.

So here’s the settings you need to use when exporting or printing your document to PDF:

Width: 125mm x 225mm.

That’s it.  Now just print your document to PDF using a PDF printer driver like pdfFactory and email the document to your iPhone.

Here’s an example of a chapter from O’reiley’s open books:
Creating Applications with Mozilla – Chapter 1


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