Chrome thinks secure site fake

While doing some testing with Google’s new Chrome browser on PDF display capabilities, we came across an interesting error when we tried to visit

You attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of You should not proceed.

Google HTTPS Error

Google HTTPS Error


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How to create PDFs for the iPhone

The iPhone’s screen size and resolution makes it less than ideal for viewing A4 or Letter sized PDF’s. If you’re wanting to take a PDF document with you to read on the road or just as a reference document to keep on your iPhone for convenience then it’s worth taking the time to optimise your PDF.

Given that the iPhone resolution is 320 x 360px with a resolution of 163ppi we need to optimise print settings before exporting our document to PDF. I’m tipping most people will view their document with the iphone orientated in landscape mode so we’ll base our document width on 360px.

So here’s the settings you need to use when exporting or printing your document to PDF:

Width: 125mm x 225mm.

That’s it.  Now just print your document to PDF using a PDF printer driver like pdfFactory and email the document to your iPhone.

Here’s an example of a chapter from O’reiley’s open books:
Creating Applications with Mozilla – Chapter 1

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PDF Network Printer Driver

If you manage a network of PC’s you’ll appreciate what a pain in the backside it is installing a new application on every single workstation.  So when it comes time to install a PDF printer driver across your whole network, there is a simple solution.  Use a network printer driver.

pdfFactory has a Server Edition for both pdfFactory and pdfFactory pro editions.  This means all you have to do is install it one on your server then everyone on the network has access to the PDF printer and can print to PDF whenever they need to.  Imagine the you’ll save on installations and upgrades.

Follow the link for more information on pdfFactory Server Edition.

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PDF format released to the ISO

Apple Insider reports that Adobe has relase their PDF format to the International Standards Organisation which will now take control of the format as an industry standard.

The ISO said the new standard, ISO 32000-1, Document management – Portable document format – Part 1: PDF 1.7, is based on the PDF version 1.7 developed by Adobe. It supplies the essential information needed by developers who write software that reads, creates, or otherwise interprets PDF files.

Adobe’s cheif technology officer Kevin Lynch said:

“By releasing the full PDF specification for ISO standardization, we are reinforcing our commitment to openness.”

Look like we can look forward to many more native PDF applications popping up.

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PC Pro’s pdfFactory Pro Review

PC Pro has put together a stella review of pdfFactory Pro giving the product 6 stars and ranking it better then PrimoPDF.

Yet when it comes to sheer simplicity, flexibility and accuracy, nothing compares to pdfFactory Pro from FinePrint. It allows you to produce professional PDFs without the steep learning curve, and includes features such as incorporating letterheads on PDFs, adding page numbers, creating watermarks, automatic bookmarking, ToC creation and print queue management.

If you’re interested in creating professional PDF’s then read this review and buy pdfFactory Pro.

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Printing a document to PDF

Here’s a simple way to print any printable document to PDF in Windows.  This is how it’s done with pdfFactory, however, most pdf converters work the same way:

Step 1: With your document open, select the Print menu item usually located in the File menu in your application.  Select the pdfFactory driver when dialog box appears. Click PRINT.

Step 2: Wait for the pdfFactory preview window to appear (see below).

Step 3: Save your PDF or send it via email.

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Minimise secure document leaks

Are you guilty of bandying around sensitive business documents without thinking; what if they fell into the wrong hands?  Or have you ever made the mistake of sending a sensitive document to the wrong email address – I know I have!

Well here’s a strategy to help you minimise those document leaks through the creation of secure PDF documents and a little bit of email best practice.

Grab yourself a PDF creation utility, as you may have guessed by now, I’m quite partial to pdfFactory, however, many PDF conversion utilities can create secure PDFs.  For this example though I’ll use pdfFactory, you can pick up a pdfFactory trial version here (you’ll need to Pro version).

Print to PDF: Now once you’ve installed your PDF creation software, you should see a pdf Printer icon when you go to print your document, select it then click print.

print to pdf

Your PDF should now being showing in the pdfFactory preview window, click in the Security tab, check the “Do not allow users to – View document without this password” like so:

Save your PDF somewhere or click send to email it off.

Important: DON’T send the password with the email – that would defeat the purpose of this tutorial!

For high level of security, phone the recipient after you’ve sent the document and tell them the password.

For lower level of security, send the password in a separate email account.

That’s it!  A little piece of mind for you when sending sensitive information like financial reports.

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